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You Need a Professionally-Designed Website Every Time, No Exceptions!

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Zoda Design Blog

Never, under any circumstances, have any but a professional web designer create your business’s website.

I’m serious about this and you should be, too. We’re doing business in the digital and social media age, so none of us will survive long without some type of web presence. Knowing this, can you really afford to have anything less than the very best within your budget and means? Rhetorical question. The answer is emphatically stated in the first sentence of this post! And before you say that all of this is business 101, you’d be surprised at how many owners don’t understand the importance of having a professionally-designed website.

Consider this cautionary tale: I once worked for a company that prided itself on its image. Well… the boss prided herself on her appearance while everything else – i.e., reinvesting in her business – took a back seat. This mindset was in full effect when it came time to redesign the company’s old and rather dated website.

In her infinite wisdom, the owner decided to make Seth, her unemployed nephew, the sole steward of her business’s online presence. Her reasoning was that Seth was a “computer whiz” who needed a little boost to help get him back on his feet, and she was always happy to help her family. I actually believed her altruism, right up until the point where she got a wicked gleam in her eye and said, “Seth can do the job for half of what a web designer would charge.”

It didn’t take long before we saw where our fearless leader went wrong. As it turned out, the extent of Seth’s computer knowledge was playing 10-hour World of Warcraft game sessions with his friends. Also, he wasn’t exactly some poor guy down on his luck. Rather, he seemed to be one of that rare breed of 30-somethings who prefers spending his days on his mother’s couch, playing online games and perfecting the epic neck beard.

So, Seth ‘the jobless wonder’ asked for a large sum of money up front and agreed to receiving the rest after launching the website. Months went by with nothing more than a poorly-designed landing page that looked no better than the first web pages that were created during the ’90s. It wasn’t long before Seth started bellyaching that the job was more difficult than our boss described, so she forked over even more money to him.

Unfortunately, this added incentive did not improve Seth’s productivity. The awesome website that our boss promised us continued to languish “in development” for the better part of a year, and we saw less and less of Seth – aka “Sloth” – around the office. The charade finally came crashing down when our boss finally decided to contact a professional web design service. (Ironically, this decision alienated her from her nephew, her sister and many other members of her family.)

Bottom line: your website is the image of your business that you’re sending out to the world. If people are considering doing business with you, they go to your website before ever thinking about setting foot in your establishment. Because of this, you simply cannot afford to put anything less than your best foot forward. As proof of my point, when it came time to create a website to promote my novels, I went straight to the lovely ladies at Zoda Design, LLC and I couldn’t be more pleased!


JP Ribner

JP Ribner


JP Ribner is a Michigan-based professional writer who enjoys his time as a guest blogger on Zoda Design. (Mainly because it gives him more opportunities to tease Jessica.) He earned his a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. He cut his professional teeth writing for newspapers and magazines. For the past 3+ years, he's specialized in nearly every aspect of digital copywriting. If that's not enough to keep him busy, J.P. also wrote three books and has an exciting new memoir on the way.

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