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What do you love on the internet?

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Zoda Design Blog

And now for something completely different… Today I’m going to round up some of my favorite sites on the internet. Websites are my bread and butter, and it’s difficult *not* to notice when someone is doing something really well. So, without further ado, my top five favorite places on the web:

5. YouTube (obviously) – where else can I upload videos of my dogs doing silly things and watch tons of videos that make me smarter?

4. Feedly – with the demise of Google Reader I was forced to find an alternate solution for getting my RSS feeds. Honestly I can’t understand why more people don’t use these – it saves you from having to visit all of your favorite websites every day to catch up on their news, by aggregating all their updates in one convenient place! At last count I had over 40 feeds that I check in on almost daily, ranging in topics from cooking, to health, to tech, to just plain silliness.

What do you love on the internet? - Zoda Design

3. Codecademy – ever wanted to learn how to code? Codecademy will teach you how for free! Their tutorials are interactive and really pretty cool. You can learn all sorts of things from the most basic HTML to APIs!

What do you love on the internet? - Zoda Design

2. Creative Market – where else can I go for incredible inspiration and even more incredible products from talented designers? Creative Market has a helpful and entertaining blog, a marketplace for freelancers and design professionals to sell their goods, and they also give away 6 free products every week! I truly love Creative Market.

What do you love on the internet? - Zoda Design

1. Plan to Eat – I must spend at least 4-6 hours on this website every week, either planning meals, saving recipes, or viewing recipes while I’m cooking them. I’ve been a subscriber for several years and it’s been so helpful in keeping me organized and helping me plan (especially when I’m working 80-hour work weeks!). I encourage you to check it out today!

What do you love on the internet? - Zoda Design
What do you love on the internet? - Zoda Design

So what do you love on the internet? Leave your comments on the Facebook post!

A roundup of my top five favorite places on the web: https://www.zodadesign.com/what-do-you-love-on-the-internet/

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