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Twitter 101 for Small Businesses

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Zoda Design Blog

This is the final part in a series on social media. Click here to read parts one, two, and three.

Twitter. What’s up with that? I mean, how can you deliver a meaningful marketing message in 140 characters or less? And what about those hashtag thingamabobs? Back in my day, they were called “pound signs.” And… and… and…

Wait a minute! I’m supposed to be the social media marketing expert here. It’s my job to tell you how to use Twitter to boost your business. While I’m not the most accomplished blue birdie in the nest, I do have some solid tips to help get you started in the “Twittersphere.”

Step 1: The first part of your tweet should be the hashtag. Using the most popular ones will increase the number of people who see your tweets while using ones that aren’t popular tend to have little or no effect at all. Here’s a list of popular hashtags you can use to begin your future tweets: #MondayBlogs, #TuesdayTip, #Wednesdaywisdom, #thursdaytreat, #FridayFeeling, #Saturday, and #sundayblogshare.

Step 2: The second part of your tweet will be what us newspaper reporters call the “lead” or the “tease.” It’s a sentence that sums up the story and it’s written in a short, sweet, and catchy enough manner to capture your readers’ attentions. For Twitter, you have be even shorter than us old newspaper hacks. For example: Tons of toys for ToysforTots. Thank you, #Flint! (Notice how I hashtagged the word Flint? That’s because it’s already a popular hashtag in use on Twitter. Chances are, your hometown is, too!) Also, on days when your blog content is low, try tweeting out inspirational quotes about business and/or life… basically anything to keep your Twitter feed active.

Step 3: The last part of your tweet will simply be you pasting the link to your blog piece or your business’s website at the end. This part is key, because you want to use Twitter to drive traffic to your site(s), as well as the sites of any businesses and/or organizations that are part of your cross-promotional efforts. Because of Twitter’s 140 character limitation, a portion of your link will likely be cut off, but it will still be active.

With all of that in mind, here’s what a sample of your workweek could look like on Twitter:

#MondayBlogs Tons of ToysforTots donations. Thank you, #Flint! (Link to your blog post about the Toys for Tots drive hosted at your business.)

#TuesdayTip Get the most out of your new hair color. (Link to your blog post about extending the life of hair coloring.)

#Wednesdaywisdom “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” #AndyWarhol

#thursdaytreat From 3-5 today, we’re giving 50% off all services! (Link to the sales/coupons section of your website.)

#FridayFeeling Stop by our booth at Hometown Days for free food and fun! (Link to the Hometown Days website where your business’s booth will be that evening.)

#Saturday OMG! Renegade squirrel pays us a visit! (Link to blog post and pics of the time the squirrel was trapped inside your store.)

#sundayblogshare Let’s talk fuel pumps and how to replace them. (Link to your blog post that gives customers a step-by-step instruction on changing fuel pumps.)

While the examples I provided are a good way to start, remember that they’re still just a start. Many successful businesspeople blast out multiple tweets throughout the day. You should be too, and these examples are a great way to get started, allowing you to learn as you go. Just remember the formula – and keep it fun, light, and positive – and you can’t go wrong. Good luck!

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JP Ribner


JP Ribner is a Michigan-based professional writer who enjoys his time as a guest blogger on Zoda Design. (Mainly because it gives him more opportunities to tease Jessica.) He earned his a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. He cut his professional teeth writing for newspapers and magazines. For the past 3+ years, he's specialized in nearly every aspect of digital copywriting. If that's not enough to keep him busy, J.P. also wrote three books and has an exciting new memoir on the way.

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