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It’s Small Business Week!

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Zoda Design Blog

Being a small business, we understand the importance of helping other small businesses succeed because it’s great for our local economy. So to celebrate small business week, we want to help you by creating a website that is tailored to your needs! From now until May 10th, we are giving 15% off for all NEW customers needing a website!

At Zoda Design, not only do we create awesome websites, but we also include a FREE hour of training on how to update your website! Don’t miss out on this great promotion to get your business noticed!

It's Small Business Week! - Zoda Design


Cara Walker

Cara Walker

Photographer, Guest Blogger

Cara Walker is a photographer from Waterford, MI who is oftentimes a guest blogger on Zoda Design. She currently holds a Bachelors in Visual Communication from the University of Michigan – Flint and is a freelance photographer. Check out her website or shoot her an email.

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