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The Internet Called and It’s Looking For You…

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Zoda Design Blog

So you own a small business and think having a Facebook page, Twitter account, and an Instagram is enough of a web presence. Sure your current customers and clients will most likely follow you on some sort of social media platform, but what about new customers – how do you plan on reaching them? The answer is simple: you need a (good) website.

I have a good friend that owns a tattoo shop. We have had a few conversations about why his shop needs a quality website with a photo gallery, appointment page, and a page showing his endorsements from the Michigan Board of Health. He believes, however, that since he has been tattooing for twenty-five years, there’s no need for it. He says the customers call the shop to make appointments and when they come in they see the health certificates on the wall. He’s using Facebook and Instagram, and they’re free, so he thinks he’s all set.

What he doesn’t realize is social media is constantly changing, from their terms of service to how many people are going to see your update. Plus, are the social media platforms you are using going to be around forever? For example, look at the rapid rise and fall of MySpace. My argument is that a web page is a “static” way to market your business – it’s something that you have complete control over. As long and you renew your domain name and hosting account, your site will always still be there. You control the URL, the content and how it is designed. Additionally, utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) on your website will help customers find you.

People generally don’t use Facebook or other social media sites to find new products and services – typically they go to Google and do a search. This is where the “good” in (good) website comes in. You need a professionally designed and developed website with properly written SEO so your website ranks higher in search results, and so that when they arrive on your website, they stick around long enough to learn about your business.

I can see what attracts a business owner to just using social media as their main online presence. It’s quick, easy, and free (unless you choose to pay), plus everyone they know probably uses some form of it. Web development can be a scary thought if you have no idea where to begin, but there are tons of great companies like Zoda Design that can help guide you in the right direction. Even if you can’t afford the flashy ten-page website with an online store right away, at least make a simple, one-page website that talks about your products and services. This will set you on the path to success and I guarantee you will see results if you use that website properly and update the content regularly.


D-Jay Bidwell

D-Jay Bidwell

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D-Jay Bidwell is a web developer who is from and still resides in Saginaw, MI. He received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Professional and Technical Writing from Saginaw Valley State University. Starting out his focus was mainly content writing, but quickly developed a passion for web development. You can view his website or send him an email.

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