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Facebook: To Boost or Not to Boost

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Zoda Design Blog

Paying to Boost Your Posts

Marketing on a social media platform can be a tricky process, whether you are promoting a small business, a large corporation, an event or even yourself. The first question you may ask yourself is: should I pay to boost posts on Facebook? Paying to boost a status update can be a pretty inexpensive way to gain some “likes” and impressions for your post. Facebook is set up in a way that when you post a status update from a business page, only a few people will see it at first, and the more likes and shares the post receives will cause it to show up in more newsfeeds of the ones who like your page. Facebook has many different plans to choose from if you decide to pay for a boosted post. Plans can start as low as five dollars and go up from there. For example, if you start an ad campaign with a $30 budget, your post has a potential to reach of 4,600 – 8,500 people on Facebook. You have the ability to set up your target market as well – for example, you can target only people who like your page, or friends of people who like your page. You can also put in keywords that people have in their interests such as music, sports, web design and so on.

Not Paying to Boost Your Posts

If you decide that you are not going to pay to boost your updates, there are still ways to gain “likes” and reach more potential new customers. People like engagement and if you have a great product or service that existing customers love, they are going to let their friends and family know about it – that’s Marketing 101. One thing you can do to get your customers engaging with you on social media is have a contest. You can make a Facebook post asking your customers to like, share or comment about something and you can randomly pick a winner. When they like, share, or comment, it will show up in their friends’ newsfeeds, which will then intrigue them to learn more about your company, product, and/or service. If they like, comment, and share the post as well, from that point your reach can grow exponentially!

Some Final Social Media Advice

When posting on social media always keep it light and interesting. Stay away from sharing your personal thoughts on religion, politics, and other sensitive material. Your business page is reserved for promoting your business, not your personal agenda. Also, don’t keep reposting the same information about the new product or service you have coming out soon – you’ll lose followers if people keep seeing the same content over and over. Try writing a new blog post every week and posting that – as long as it’s something different it has the potential of catching their eye. My final word of advice is that of caution: if a disgruntled customer posts something negative about your company, do not engage with them in a negative way. Handle it the old fashion way with good ol’ customer service – offer to give them a call so that you can rectify the matter. It shows everyone (not just the unhappy customer) that you’re committed to making it right.


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D-Jay Bidwell

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