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Don’t put all your advertising eggs in the social media basket

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Zoda Design Blog

It’s tempting to rely on social media for your advertising, marketing and promotions, but as a business owner, you can’t afford such foolishness.

Social media is low cost/no cost, fun and very popular at the moment. Because of all these benefits, you should be using it to help market and promote your business. If you read that carefully, however, you will have noticed the key word was “help.” I never said “rely.” To become the success you dream of being, you still need to utilize those other “antiquated” forms of marketing, such as radio, newspapers, TV, and/or coupon clippers to brand your business.

But why?

The answer is the “Five-to-Seven Rule.” Never heard of it? You should, since it’s Marketing 101. The average consumer sees/hears a marketing message five to seven times before acting upon it. Considering this, ask yourself how much time do you spend looking at advertisements on social media? If your answer is somewhere between “never” and “I sometimes click on something if it looks interesting,” then you have a basic understanding of just about everyone else on social media.

If so many people are ignoring these ads – or hiding them from their timelines – how valuable is it to base your business on this form of advertising? Answer: not very valuable at all. It’s tantamount to going into a casino and putting ALL of your money on one roll of the dice, one spin of the roulette wheel, or one hand at the blackjack table. Professional gamblers don’t do this, and neither would you. And you shouldn’t gamble with your advertising, either.

Bottom line: it makes more sense to budget your promotional dollars and spread them out evenly between social media and more traditional marketing mediums. Things like radio, TV, newspapers and coupon clipper magazines are still an effective and viable way to advertise and promote your business, you just need to know how to maximize their effectiveness. Perhaps those are subjects for future blog posts…


JP Ribner

JP Ribner


JP Ribner is a Michigan-based professional writer who enjoys his time as a guest blogger on Zoda Design. (Mainly because it gives him more opportunities to tease Jessica.) He earned his a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. He cut his professional teeth writing for newspapers and magazines. For the past 3+ years, he's specialized in nearly every aspect of digital copywriting. If that's not enough to keep him busy, J.P. also wrote three books and has an exciting new memoir on the way.

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