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Creative Content on Social Media Made Easy

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Zoda Design Blog

This is part one in a series on social media. Check out part two and part three, and watch for part four in the coming weeks!

Don’t take the “social” out of social media. This is the best advice I can give to business owners who want to make the most out of this amazing online marketing opportunity.

As a business owner, you want to be sharing creative content, not just your latest sales and specials, on social media. Creative content drives involvement, which should be your ultimate goal. Remember: people liking, commenting upon and sharing your posts is equal to the billions corporations spend on branding advertising each year. You can achieve similar results with social media at a fraction of the cost. This should be reason enough to utilize social media!

So what is creative content? Anything and everything that’s fun, light-hearted and likely to engage people. Try sharing a funny story, such as the one about the squirrel that got inside your business. Have a picture of it? Share that, too. Basically anything that happens at your business that you would tell your friends and family about is something you can share on social media. People love these kinds of anecdotes and often react to them.

Getting involved with your clients can boost involvement on page. I know of one business owner in Ohio who shared a pic of a customer and urged everyone on her page to like the photo. If the photo received the most amount of likes, the young lady in it would win a free wedding gown from the local bridal business. While this did little in terms of dollars and cents, the positive publicity and goodwill it generated – not to mention involvement on the business owner’s page – was priceless.

Did your business receive a good review on Yelp! or similar consumer site? Share it on social media! If the person leaving the review has already liked your page, add some text thanking them for their review and tag them in it. This will allow all their friends who haven’t liked your page – or utilized your services – to learn a little more about you. Who knows? It might get a few more likes and even some new clients.

Are you considering redecorating your business? Adding a new product or service? Changing policy or procedure? If so, ask your clients what they think about it on social media. People love to feel a part of something, and asking for your clients’ input is an easy way to forge this bond. So post the question and prepare for their responses, and remember to like their posts and thank them for their input whether you plan to use their suggestions or not.

Bottom line: each day presents the opportunity for you to produce and/or share creative content on social media. Try starting with these tips and you’ll soon find yourself using your own sense of creativity to keep your clients and potential clients engaged. Good luck!


JP Ribner

JP Ribner


JP Ribner is a Michigan-based professional writer who enjoys his time as a guest blogger on Zoda Design. (Mainly because it gives him more opportunities to tease Jessica.) He earned his a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. He cut his professional teeth writing for newspapers and magazines. For the past 3+ years, he's specialized in nearly every aspect of digital copywriting. If that's not enough to keep him busy, J.P. also wrote three books and has an exciting new memoir on the way.

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