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Content is King – Make it Sing!

by | Jan 1, 2015 | Zoda Design Blog

A few weeks ago, I was desperate to find a recipe. I did what most people do these days. I didn’t even grab a cookbook; I let Google take me to a website that boasted of having the best BBQ brisket recipe on the face of the planet.

As soon as I started to read the first article, their credibility was shattered. The article was truly the worst thing I have ever read online. It wasn’t just that it was littered with typos, although it was. It wasn’t just that the author could not write a complete sentence, although he most definitely could not. There was simply not a coherent thought behind anything he was trying to write. Like a commuter who just has to rubberneck a car wreck, I was compelled to look at virtually every page of this site to discover if that initial article was some kind of April Fool’s Day prank. Sadly, it wasn’t. Every page boasted comical yet disheartening typos, dangling modifiers, and a total failure to grasp the English language.

Needless to say, I did not trust the recipe I found there. That was a probably a shame, because it could have been amazing. However, the author’s complete lack of care for his content made me question how much care he took with essential culinary details like ingredient amounts, cooking times and oven temperatures.

Now it’s highly unlikely that the content on any other company’s website is anywhere near the level of the horridness of the site to which I’m referring.  Yet all too often, business owners and marketers get caught up in agonizing over the design details of their site and don’t take the time to really focus on its content. At Zoda Design, we always encourage our clients to take a step back and ask, “What does the content on my site say about me and my company?”

A full content assessment should consider everything on your site. Of course, scan for typos and make certain that email addresses, phone numbers and links are accurate. Then, look at when you last posted updates on blogs and press pages. If the latest post is more than a month old, you’re waiting too long in between entries and may be losing your audience. Yet a careful assessment should go beyond these basics to examine the content and tone of the pieces on your site to be certain they accurately reflect your company’s expertise, brand and values.

Why does what you have on your site matter? Because to paraphrase Bill Gates, Content is Still King. In this Internet age, consumers are ignoring traditional and even digital advertising and seeking reliable information about your company’s expertise online. A recent study from Axonn found that a whopping 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

So you know it’s important, but what’s holding you back? If you are like most professionals, it’s probably a matter of fitting it in and getting it right. B2B marketers cite lack of time (69%), producing enough content (55%) and producing the kind of content that engages (47%) as their top three content marketing challenges, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2014 study by the Content Marketing Institute.

How do you get around those challenges? By hiring a company like Zoda Design that offers professional content creation in addition to our design services.

Hiring a professional writer to create your content accomplishes several goals. First and foremost, it gets it done. It’s all too easy for most professionals to put off writing a blog when they have a million other and generally more pressing things on their to-do lists.  Second, it gets it done on time. Sure, you might generate an amazing blog, or even six or seven, when the website is fresh and new and it’s your top priority. Over time, other priorities will inevitably creep back in to play. Outsourcing blog creation means that no matter which reporting deadline is looming, sales presentation needs to be completed or meeting gets moved up, your blog is still posted on schedule. Third, it gets it done right. Content creators are attuned to industry standards. They understand how much people actually will read online, and they come up with creative ways to attract and retain that attention. They know how to work key SEO terms in without simply stringing a bunch of words together. They generate the type of content that will actually get read.

Some companies hesitate to outsource content creation for fear that their blog will no longer have their unique voice, but that fear is unfounded when you hire the right team. A true professional will take the time to look at your site, research your company, and reflect its culture and image. They’ll also be there to offer support and fresh ideas for those times when you can’t think of anything new, and they will ask the necessary questions to accurately portray you as a leader in your field.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Zoda Design today to learn how our team of design and writing specialists can simplify your life while getting your content on track!


Trish Stukbauer

Trish Stukbauer

Writer & Guest Blogger

Trish Stukbauer is a writer and editor from Charlotte, NC, who is a guest blogger on Zoda Design. Trish has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Kent State University. She was editor of several magazines before launching her own marketing firm and has a new book coming out in 2016. Check out her website or shoot her an email.

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