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Choosing great colors for your brand or website

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Zoda Design Blog

If used correctly, color can make a huge impact on your branding and website. I’ve talked before about what the different colors represent (at least, in American culture) and you can use color theory when building your brand. Here are a few websites I like to use for putting a great color palette together:

Adobe Color CC

Choosing great colors for your brand or website - Zoda DesignFor a ton of graphic designers, this is the first stop in putting together a color palette and, thankfully, we can see the products of their keen eye. By using the Explore tool, searching for a random word like “beach” or “nature” can yield some great palettes to get you started. Or, if you’d like to put something together on your own, simply use their Create tool.


Choosing great colors for your brand or website - Zoda DesignI love the simplicity of Coolors. You can hit the space bar to get new colors. If there are colors you’d like to save, click the lock icon on that color, and then you can hit the space bar again to change out the rest of the colors. It’s random and can be pretty inspiring when it comes to putting a palette together. You can also play with the sliders at the top of each color to change the tints, upload an image to pull colors from, and they’ll provide you with the Hex code, CMYK, PMS and more.

Color Hunt

Choosing great colors for your brand or website - Zoda DesignGet color inspiration with an Instagram vibe. This site allows you to view 4-color palettes and ‘heart’ your favorites. Like one and want to keep it? Just hover your mouse over the color and it will give you the Hex code. You can also view the newest additions, hottest palettes, most popular, or even create your own. And, for even more inspiration, check out their blog.

Need help putting together a great color palette for your brand or website? Contact us today and we can get you started.


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Jessica Kelley

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