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5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer for Your Website Photos

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Zoda Design Blog

Now you might ask yourself, what does this chick know about photography and why should I believe her? Well, simply put: I’m a professional photographer, with a degree in Fine Arts. And now you’re asking, well isn’t that a little biased? Well, maybe it is. You don’t want to slack off when it comes to your website photos – here are my top five reasons why.


Sure, you’re worried about the added expense of hiring a professional photographer. That is a perfectly good reason not to. However, if you do your homework and find the right photographer for you, the result of doing so will truly benefit your business. It is possible to have good quality without breaking the bank! Make sure the photographer that you hire understands your needs and discuss your budget honestly with them. A good working relationship definitely adds to the experience!

Having the right photos taken with the proper lighting will make a better overall impression of your product and/or business, which will ultimately return a better profit. You may be a business owner but you’re also a consumer, and as consumers, we’re always looking for the best quality. We want what we’re purchasing to be exactly as shown and described. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have shopped online and came across poor picture quality – the majority of the time, I’ve either lost interest in the product or have searched for it elsewhere. Trust me, having good photos has a bigger impact and leaves a better impression on your consumers.


As mentioned above, lighting is very important. If the majority of your products can only be seen online, your sales are dependent upon how well your consumer can determine what is being sold. They want to be able to see it from every angle as if they were holding it their hands or seeing it for themselves. Making your product stand out and look its very best is what is going to distinguish you from your competitors.

If you happen to be doing head shots of the people who are a part of your business, then having a professional do them is paramount. You want your consumer to see that they’re dealing with the best professionals in your organization, so hiring a professional to photograph professionals is the best course of action. Plus, a professional photographer can position the individual in the correct pose with the correct lighting for optimal results. If your product is your people, then you want to create the best image possible to represent your business.

We’re Just Like You!

Most professional photographers are small business owners, too! We get it! We understand what it’s like being in business for ourselves. We are generally not out to make a quick buck – we want to do quality work and build relationships that will benefit both of our businesses. Choosing a professional photographer is a great way to support your local economy and doing so can have an exponentially positive impact.

Amateurs are Easy to Spot

An amateur photo can be seen a mile away – I know this is starting to sound a bit redundant but there really is a distinct difference between professional and amateur photos. Most professionals have a degree, some kind of training and/or years of experience under their belts. They are visual communication specialists who understand and practice working with all forms of light, camera angles and space. An amateur photo won’t usually contain these design elements.

Even someone with an untrained eye can spot the difference between the two. And if someone is doing their research in trying to find the best product/business for themselves, wouldn’t you want to have the best quality photos on your website to make yourself stand out from the rest? You want to make sure you’re representing your business in the best possible way, especially if you want to compete with the larger companies. Always choose the best quality to represent yourself – it shows the customer that you’re serious and you want their business.

Professional equipment

This may seem a bit hoity-toity but having the right equipment matters. If you hired a professional and they showed up with an iPhone and said, “I’m ready when you are!” I bet you’d be a bit confused and somewhat angry.

Now a good quality DSLR and lighting equipment is only as good as the person operating it. If I had to have a sword duel at dawn with someone, chances are I’m going to get sliced and diced. Why? Because I haven’t the foggiest clue as to how to wield a sword. But professional photographers know how to wield their camera and lighting equipment, as well as the various editing tools used in post-production. (However, there are still those that have purchased an expensive camera and don’t have a clue in how to use it.)

Professional photographers make an investment in their craft, their passion and their skills. Equipment alone cannot magically make great photography. However, the right professional equipment in the hands of the right professional photographer that you choose can really help your business shine.

Hire a Professional Photographer for your Website Photos

If your target consumer/client is taking the time to do their research for a specific product or service, then you should put the same amount of effort into having professional photos of those products and services. If you’re trying to make your business and website stand out, you need to show your commitment to excellence by hiring a professional to take your photos. Just this little extra effort will leave a lasting impression on potential customers, which will always lead to return business and great recommendations!


Cara Walker

Cara Walker

Photographer, Guest Blogger

Cara Walker is a photographer from Waterford, MI who is oftentimes a guest blogger on Zoda Design. She currently holds a Bachelors in Visual Communication from the University of Michigan – Flint and is a freelance photographer. Check out her website or shoot her an email.

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