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5 Blog Post Ideas for Small Business

by | May 1, 2016 | Zoda Design Blog

Your readers visit your blog to find fresh content that is relevant to their interests. You put effort into providing them with valuable information that will keep them interested in your company and encourage them to come back for more. The problem is that coming up with interesting topics on a regular basis is a challenge. When you get stuck for topics, here are 5 ideas that always work:

Product or Service Posts
Write a post that explains how to use a product or service, preferably one of yours. Don’t make this post promotional. Instead, focus on providing practical information your readers can use. If possible, provide real-life examples as well. For example, if you sell a tool that makes certain tasks easier, your readers might enjoy a post that details how it would work in a particular situation.

Customer Feedback and Stories
Your customers can learn from the experiences of others. If you have customers willing to share how your product or service helped them, consider using their stories in a post. You might also  ask your customers to share tips that may help others.

Posts that help your readers solve problems may do well on your blog. You can create posts that teach your readers how to do something or how to fix a problem. Posts that offer tips or guide readers along a particular path may please your readers as well. Additionally, question-and-answer posts that cover common audience concerns can be helpful.

Information From the Experts
You can also capture your readers’ attention with expert posts. Write posts that share your expert knowledge. And ask key employees to share their expertise as well. Likewise, you can interview industry experts and post the interviews on your blog. You might even invite them to write guest posts for your blog.

Special Events
Use your blog to share news about special events. This can include events that your company will sponsor or attend as well as events in the local community. You can write posts announcing the events and then follow up with recaps of all that occurred, sharing not only facts but also the feel or flavor of the event. These types of posts help readers feel informed and connected to your company.

The Takeaway
While there’s an abundance of topics about which you can blog, it helps to have a list of ideas to fall back on when you get stuck. What are some of your standbys? I encourage you to make a list for when writers’ block gets in the way.


Jessica Kelley

Jessica Kelley

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